Reflection of this week 1 term 4

My highlight this week was being back at school because I got to see my friends.

This week  I learnt how to divide in maths. It was confusing because I didn’t know how to do it.

I didn’t have a lowlight this week because I had a good week.

I rate my week a 10/10 because my week was excellent.

Why do we have to do the reward box 📦 in class?

I am looking forward to going to Jumpz because I go there every Friday.

My goal for next week is to do more division to get better at it.

From Isaiah



On the weekend

On the weekend i went to jumpz it was fun because i did a flip. i also got up the big wall. I jumped of the big wall. It was really scary when i went doun. Afther that i went to the skatepark. It was fun because i did a 180 and went in the boll.  That my weekend

Reflection week 4

My favourite thing this week was playing golden child on Monday and Tuesday. It was fun because I got to be the captain twice because I was good. I learnt how to be dissussion director for lit.circles. I want to more about how to be the dissussion director because I have only been the role twice. Something inportant I need to share this week is I have been good this week and I am proud of my efforts. I rate this week 10/10 because I was good at all my school work.

The Dog and the cow

one day I was walking my dog. I saw Anthony walking his cow. As I turned round it changed shape.When I look back my dog was a box dog and Antony cow changed into a cowhotdog ahahahaha!!!!. My cow is a cow hotdog.How are you going to explain this to your mum me to Anthony ate his cowhotdog it was good. Anthony want to my house and said to me he ate his cow hotdog it came back the end

When the lock clicked and

one day I was at my friends house. I was sleeping over and all my other friends were there too. The home I am sleeping in is a mention it was so fun because I went in a cool car. We went to get food. The food was so good that I got full. My friends dad seld to as bed time so we went to bed eveyone went to bed that night I went to went to get a drink when I open the doors it wouldn’t lent me so  when the lock clicked and boom I was Gond.

The cool kid

One day i was so ugly i couldn’t make the people go wild. when i went past a person he sald to me that i was ugly i was so sad that i rain to my home. when i got there my family sald to me i was ugly so i went to my room. I went to sleep the next i woke up. I went to the bathroom i was so beufull i went out side my family sald to me you are beusull. I went out to town the people cheered for me i was happy the end.

As i stared into the water it began to turn green

one day i was at the pool. i saw James and Anthony i walked over to them. They were so surprise to see me. We jumped into the pool. We were in there for 2 hours. We got out of the pool. Whan we got out of the pool the pool started to turn geen. everyone got out of the dirty pool the pool was over flowing. We rain to the car and drove of and got up on high building we cloud see it from here the next day we woke up and it was gone for ever the end